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Insurance Screening Panel

Are you a qualified nurse or registered paramedic who has been qualified for two or more years with a few hours to spare? If so you may be interested in joining our nurse panel carrying out health screenings for life insurance applicants.

Joining our panel is completely free and comes with no obligation. Once you have joined our panel we will be able to offer you health screenings for individuals based in your area.

Please note – due to the nature of the role you are likely to need to have the use of a car.

QUALIFICATIONS – to join our panel

  • you must have been qualified for a minimum of two years
  • you should have an up to date venepuncture certificate
  • you must have professional liability insurance


Contact the screening panel manager using the email address to find out more or complete the form opposite if you are interested in undertaking health screenings on behalf of IQED.

All details will be held confidentially by IQED and will not be shared for commercial or other reasons with any third party.

IQED is registered under the Data Protection Act.


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